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Business Checks

Security Notice:

In an effort to ensure your account security, personal checks and business checks must be placed in separate shopping carts. If you wish to purchase both personal and business checks, complete your personal check order before proceeding to the business check site. To stay on the Artistic web site, click on a main category above or click the button below to return to the Artistic Homepage.

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Pixel Lines To Order Business Checks or Desk Set Checks:

Artistic Checks has partnered with the Business Check Products division of Checks Unlimited to offer a complete line of personal desk set checks, along with business and computer checks and accessories. When you click on the "Go to Business & Desk Set Checks" button below, a new window will open taking you to the Checks Unlimited Business website. The Artistic Checks website will remain open so you may continue shopping for all your personal check and accessory needs.

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