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Protect Your Checks & Identity

Check Fraud and Identity Theft

Protect yourself from one of America’s most damaging forms of personal fraud. Don’t let check fraud or identity theft wipe out your finances or damage your credit.

Get the support you need from licensed and certified personal advocates who specialize in identity restoration.

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Electronic Pickpocketing

It can happen to anyone…as quickly as it takes a thief to walk past you. That’s because your personal information, including credit card and ID numbers, can be read by RFID scanners directly through clothing, wallets and purses.

Protect yourself with SecureMyID™ Wallets and Accessories featuring RFID blocking materials that stop scanners from accessing your information.

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Protect Your PC Files & Family

PC Protection

Many people don’t adequately protect their PCs—making them easy targets for hackers and other cybercriminals. Yet numerous security concerns can be easily avoided by simply installing up-to-date Internet security software.

Take the worry and hassle out of PC protection with the help of McAfee.

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Family Protection

Kids of today can’t imagine life without the Internet. They’ve grown up being educated and entertained by it regularly—exposure that puts them in greater danger of cyberbullying, personal information sharing and malware viruses.

Keep your children safe whenever they go online.

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"11.1 million adults in the U.A. were victims of identity fraud last year, a 12% increase from 2008 and 37% increase since 2007, according to Javelins Identity Fraud Report for 2010."