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General Ordering Questions


1. Will Artistic Checks include changes that have taken place at my bank?

When banks merge, change names or revise their operations, this can sometimes affect how your checks should be produced. If you think your bank has made recent changes or if you just want to follow up on its status, call Artistic Customer Service at 1-800-824-3255. Our database is updated very often, so we probably will already have your bank's changes. If an MICR Specification Sheet is needed for the changes, we'll give you easy instructions for getting it.

2. What does an "MICR Specification Sheet" do?

An MICR Specification Sheet is a form that provides the proper numbers and spacing so your checks will scan correctly at your financial institution. Your local bank branch has all the details, and Artistic Customer Service will walk you through the process: 1-800-824-3255.

3. Is there a place for my phone number, license number or other information on my checks?

On the Order Form, use the line marked "Other" in the Check Personalization section to include information in addition to name and address. For security reasons, Artistic Checks recommends that you avoid from including your driver's license number on your checks. For your protection and due to laws in several states, printing social security numbers on any material to be delivered by mail is no longer permitted.

4. How do I place my order with Artistic Checks?

You have three ordering options:
1) Submit your order online via our SECURE server.
2) Call our Customer Service Department toll-free 1-800-824-3255 (2-box minimum and phone fee applies).
3) Order by mail.

5. Can I check on my order?

You can check your order's status on our website. Simply go to the Order Status page and follow the directions to check the status of your order.. You can also call toll-free: 1-800-824-3255.

6. How do I use the coupon I clipped?

If you have a printed advertisement with an Offer Code, you may enter that code during checkout to receive the pricing you see in the ad. This Offer Code is found in the order form section of your advertisement or brochure, and is located to the left of the subtotal line in a yellow box. If you are a reorder customer you are not eligible for first-time customer pricing.

7. Why did I receive my order in separate packages?

Our aim is to get your order to you accurately and quickly. To maintain efficiency in our manufacturing plant, we ship products as soon as they are complete. This means parts of an order could be packaged separately-especially if you've ordered multiple products. All items in your order should arrive within 5 days of the first package. If you have questions, please contact Artistic Customer Service via our website or by telephone: 1-800-824-3255.