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Banking Information

  • Artistic Checks are guaranteed to work with all banks and financial institutions.
  • Artistic Checks meets the strictest requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which all check companies and banks must follow.
  • Artistic Checks have security features to prevent and detect fraud. The features include: micro-print, which breaks up when a check is photocopied; watermarks for verification of authenticity and the lock icon next to the dollar box.

Bank FAQ

Will I have a problem using checks not produced by my bank?
No. Actually, your bank does not produce the checks it sells you. Banks take orders and forward them to check printers. The printer produces the checks and then sends them to the account holder. Artistic Checks and anyone else who prints financial products must adhere to very exact specifications. The difference is, when you order from Artistic Checks, you get much more selection for much less money.
Can the bank refuse to process my Artistic checks?
Your bank wants you to order its checks so the bank will make a profit on your purchase. But banks cannot refuse to process your checks regardless of where you buy them. Artistic Checks must adhere to the same specifications as printers who produce checks for banks. Our checks meet or exceed all requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
How is Artistic able to provide exclusive designs for less than plain bank checks?
Banks contract with printers, so the markup over cost must be high enough for the printer and the bank to make a profit. Artistic designs checks specifically for our customers, and we can charge less because there's no one in the middle marking up prices. In other words, you're buying your checks directly from the manufacturer.