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Frequently Asked Questions:

To find the answer to your question, locate your question and click on the category in which it falls. If your question is not listed below, use our Contact page to e-mail us and we will respond promptly to your request.
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General Ordering Questions

  • toggleiconHow do I submit my Order?
  • toggleiconIs it OK to use an Offer Code?
  • toggleiconWhy did my items arrive on different days?
  • toggleiconHow do I contact Artistic Checks?

Online Ordering Questions

  • toggleiconHow to Order Online?
  • toggleiconWhat should I do if my computer is having trouble with the Artistic website?
  • toggleiconWill the colors on my screen match the actual products?
  • toggleiconHow should I respond to an error message?
  • toggleiconWhat credit cards does Artistic Checks accept for online orders?

Quick Reorder Questions

  • toggleiconHow do I place a Quick Reorder?
  • toggleiconWhy can't I see all of the information from my previous order?

Ordering By Mail Questions

  • toggleiconHow do I order checks by mail if my account is brand new?
  • toggleiconWhat do I send in if I've used all my checks?

Product and Price Questions

  • toggleiconWhat check formats does Artistic offer?
  • toggleiconWhat is the difference between a First Time Customer and a Reorder Customer?
  • toggleiconHow many checks are in a box?
  • toggleiconWhy are you moving from 4 to 2 pads on single check orders?

Photo Upload and Product Questions

  • toggleiconWhat is resolution?
  • toggleiconWhat is a pixel?
  • toggleiconWhat are the file size requirements?
  • toggleiconWhy won't my photo upload?
  • toggleiconCan all Artistic Photo Products be printed in full color?
  • toggleiconWhy are the images on my checks so light?

Security Questions

  • toggleiconWhat security features for fraud protection will my checks include?
  • toggleiconIs it safe to order checks from a source other than my bank?
  • toggleiconIs ordering checks online safe?
  • toggleiconWhat is EZ Shield PRO?

Bank Comparison Questions

  • toggleiconWill I have a problem using checks not produced by my bank?
  • toggleiconCan the bank refuse to process my Artistic checks?